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Parent Resources

Parent Teacher Association (PTA):
The role of the PTA is to enhance the educational experience of the students at the school. This is done by organising social or cultural events for parents, students and staff. The PTA is an important element in the partnership that makes up the community that is the RISS.

Our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has a welcoming committee to ensure that all new families are supported and welcomed to the community. The PTA meets every month and is an excellent way to become part of our community and to receive help with transitioning into a new environment. They are always delighted to have new members.

PTA board members:
Linda Mertens - PTA Chair

Miroslav Stojsavljevic - Treasurer

Corine Brouwer - Secretary

International Parents Students Support Group (IPSSG)
Information about this group can be found on their web site http://ipssg.nl/

Medezeggenschrapsraad (MR)
By law, every school in the Netherlands is linked with a medezeggenschrapsraad (MR). This is a participation council, where elected representatives of teachers, students and their parents are consulted by the school management over matters concerning the management of the school.

The MR holds, according to legislation, two types of rights: the right of advice (adviesrecht) and the right of approval (instemmingrecht). Matters in which either right can be used are specified. For access to the agendas and minutes please click on the link in downloads.

This upcoming school year the MR is looking for four staff members and two students to join. If you want more information, please follow this link.

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