Leah van der Kooy, MS
Netherlands National Institute of Psychologists
Licensed Associate Professional Counsellor

The word “counsellor” might mean many different things to you, depending on your background and experience in the past with counselling. As your school counsellor, my job is to be a person you can trust, somebody who will listen to you, somebody who will not judge you and most important, I am a person you can feel safe with. I understand the challenges, obstacles and difficulties of secondary school and being a teen. Together we can work as a team to help you sort through any issue that is bothering you.

When we meet, our sessions will be kept confidential.* We will discuss areas in which you wish to grow or I might simply be a trusted person for you to speak with. My job is to create an environment where you can feel safe to express yourself and we can work together to create a solution for any issue you might be experiencing.

The format for our sessions will be based upon what you would like to work on. This is a collaborative experience and one where we find solutions together. Sometimes you might see the counsellor for just a few sessions. And other times, you might need more time to work through your issue. We will keep an open mind, but will work to discover benchmarks and milestones so that you know when you’re feeling better about a problem.

There are several ways to make an appointment: you can send an email to or you can drop-by my office, which is located in the administration hallway at the Junior RISS campus. Students may self-refer, teachers may make a recommendation, or parents may contact me.

***Important Information for all Students, Parents & Teachers***

  • If you have an immediate emergency, please call 112.

  • The suicide prevention hotline in The Netherlands is 113. It's available 24/7.

  • For cases of suspected child abuse or endangerment, you can contact Veilig House at 0800-2000 or the Rotterdam Crisis Intervention Team at 010 233 00 00.

* In cases of child abuse, suicidal threat to oneself, or harm to others, I am required by Dutch law to report such incidents to local authorities.