Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Educating for self-awareness, curiosity and integrity in a changing world.

Our Mission

Our mission is for every student to enjoy their youth.

We will do this by providing innovative approaches to learning, by encouraging achievement, by fostering international mindedness with local and global engagement, by modelling ethical behaviour and by acting respectfully and with honesty.

RISS mission and vision

Our Core values

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Relationships

  • Courage

Our Culture

  • Love for and enjoyment of learning

  • Joy in achievement

  • High expectations

  • Collaboration

  • Tolerance, diversity and belonging

  • Sense of service

Our Performance

  • Providing a broad, balanced and connected curriculum

  • Developing innovative and outstanding pedagogy

  • Fostering inquiry, action and reflection

  • Promoting multilingualism and intercultural understanding

  • Addressing the school community's social, emotional and physical well-being

  • Identifying and valuing learning diversity

  • Modelling citizenship, leadership and lifelong learning

I am delighted to see that at RISS, we all believe in the power of respect, relationships, courage and responsibility.
Mr. Dessi' (teacher)

Strategic Plan

We work on achieving our Vision and Mission by using our strategic plan.


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