Dear school community,

Welcome to the academic year 2021-2022 at Rotterdam International Secondary School. I hope that the summer has been a restful time for you all and that you are ready to start a year that will be - as ever - full of challenges and opportunities. 

Over the last 18 months or so, we have all learnt a great deal about coming together and being always ready to face whatever is thrown at us as a result of the world’s response to the pandemic. Unfortunately, I am sure there will be more of this to come but, thankfully, we are all a little more experienced at dealing with it now. 

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A major part of our ongoing response at RISS is working together to ensure that we are able to control any new infections and transmission by acting promptly as and when necessary. Not only does this ensure we have healthy teachers to deliver lessons in person and healthy children who can attend these lessons,  but it also benefits the whole RISS community. 

With this in mind please allow me to remind and inform you of the following important expectations:

Students will be given tests to take home and, ideally, Wednesdays and Sundays are good times for students to check themselves. Please do so this coming Sunday - the 29th August - to start this process.

Please adhere to all government regulations related to travelling to or out of the Netherlands. 

Hygiene levels will continue to be high, especially for the next 2 weeks.  Students will disinfect their hands when entering the building, wear masks in corridors and public areas (during lessons they can take their mask off), and sit down when eating. 

We will continue with the current protocols for exiting, entering and circulating in each campus. 

As you did so well last year, I know you will help us to ensure the above is fully implemented so we can make this year as normal as possible. Thank you.

And so on to other news:

Our Mobile Phone policy will continue to evolve. 
We were happy with our students' response and actions and it has been remarkable to observe that student levels of communication, engagement and peer-to-peer relationships improved significantly. 
There was some relaxation due to the demanding situation last year, especially during June and July, however, we need to retake the challenge again now. 

Children are exposed to a great deal of work on the screen and social media, so within the school we will request that their mobile phone remains in their bags and switched off  from Monday to Thursday. In lessons, this will be left to teachers discretion.  Friday will be technology-allowed day! More information will be sent soon.

Also, a quick reminder about attendance and lateness. This is highly regulated in the Netherlands and, of course, the school must adhere to national regulations in this respect. Thank you for your help with this. 

Finally, we have an Induction Week Programme and families will receive detailed information via email. 

This is going to be a week full of fun and exciting activities for all our students that will help set the scene for an exciting year, all about embracing opportunities and being active participants in a vibrant community and underscores our genuine belief that every student should enjoy their youth.

Thank you and welcome!

Dr. Gilbert-Sáez
RISS Principal

"I like the coffee, cheese, and biking"

"The transition from Hong Kong to Rotterdam is not as great as you would think. Both cities are in safe countries and children are raised in freedom. You can see students bike through the city to go to school. And the commitment to education in both countries is great, from the government as well as parents." 

Please find the full interview with Ms. Gilbert-Saez by Stichting BOOR here.

"A remarkable school indeed!"

In the new edition of the XPat Journal, you can find a two-page article regarding RISS and we like to share it with you. In conversation with our Principal Ms. Gilbert-Saéz, the article tells about our mission statement and how we implement it within our school and through our community, the reaccreditation by the CIS and NEASC and how the school is a reflection of the city of Rotterdam. We invite you all to read and share it. 

Find the full article here.