Dear RISS Community,

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Mónica Gilbert-Sáez and I am your school Principal. After my time working in the UK, Dubai, Chile and most recently Hong Kong, I am delighted to be in Rotterdam and am honoured with the opportunity bestowed upon me to serve the students, teachers, parents and the wider community of RISS. Especially, with the opening of what is Phase 1 of our RISS Senior Campus – an exciting project that will enhance our curriculum offering. Thus it is with great enthusiasm that I take on this new chapter in my career to support the life of the young people here and help them to achieve, to succeed and, above all, be happy.

As school leader, I believe strongly that we must provide a responsive, liberal, integrated and genuinely international curriculum that enables our students to develop the knowledge, critical thinking, independence and life skills needed to respond to the demands of a fast-changing world, not to mention to assure its environmental sustainability. The education we are involved in should, of course, confront the future preparation of our students - your children - but also address the here and now. I value hugely what childhood is and we need to acknowledge the currency of their lives today and make their long hours in school as enjoyable, stimulating and memorable as possible. I am inspired by the work our RISS teachers do to make everyone’s time here so special and I look forward to working with them to enhance further what it is that makes RISS such a unique place to work and learn.

I believe strongly that schools should be centres of creativity and innovation, where research finds a place for growth and action. This applies to students and teachers alike. Of course, this brings interesting opportunities, ones that we will face positively as a community and I feel certain that the RISS has what it takes to address these challenges thanks to the quality and passion of its teachers and students. As a school community we need to focus on expanding our leadership capacity, seeking opportunities for meaningful staff development, taking risks to further improve teaching and learning including enhancing, widening and enriching our provision in the Middle Years, exploring varied and innovative forms of assessment and review, providing a responsive and innovative timetable that enables creative experiences for our students and involving parents and the wider community in the life of the school.

I hope the above gives you a glimpse of my educational vision and my commitment to work for you all. It is my pleasure to be your School Principal at Rotterdam International Secondary School and I look forward to getting to know you all over the coming months and years.

Ms Gilbert-Sáez
Principal - RISS