Strategic Plan

While many schools claim to be international simply because of the curriculum they offer, RISS is a genuinely comprehensive coalition of teachers and students drawn from across the globe, united by a common belief in the importance of an inclusive, culturally diverse, child-centred, enquiry-driven education that not only prepares young people for university and life beyond but that ensures students actually enjoy their youth too.

Any international school has to not only satisfy local and national standards of quality and accountability - RISS adheres uncompromisingly to the Wolfert and BOOR’s Identity and Core Values Framework - yet it also has to measure up to the high standards expected from such international bodies as the IB and the Council of International Schools. On top of this, RISS takes its responsibilities very seriously when it comes to abiding by legislative frameworks such as the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. In doing so, RISS is in a position to not just follow but to help set the standard for schools across Rotterdam and beyond.

Highly focused on well-being and health and safety matters for all members of the school community, RISS is determined to put the experience of the children and young people front and centre in all it does. From an increasingly wide, diverse and innovative curriculum offer, delivered by staff with access to a growing range of training and development opportunities, to an extensive range of extra-curricular and holiday-time activities for all students, the staff at RISS knows that academic results are just a part of what makes for a successful and happy school. What’s more, following an international curriculum means that students have to take an active role in the needs of their community as well as spending time developing reflective, critical thinking skills. This, combined with a growing list of leadership opportunities within the school, ensures that all students have the chance to develop the leadership and teamwork skills needed to take a leading and collaborative role in their future endeavours.

Linked to its internationally-minded outlook, the school addresses issues associated with human rights, diversity, equity, and tolerance and all new families joining the school will sign up to be part of a multicultural and fully inclusive school community.

Our Strategic Goal

To be an exceptional example of an international school.

Our Key Strategic Drivers