Strategic Plan

As a provider of international education, RISS holds a unique position both within the Wolfert School Group and across Rotterdam and the Netherlands. Partly private and partly state subsidised, it exists to service the growing need the city has for high quality international education for foreign nationals or returning Dutch citizens, one that is not based on privilege or exclusivity.  

While many schools claim to be international simply because of the curriculum they offer, RISS is a genuinely comprehensive coalition of teachers and students drawn from across the globe, united by a common belief in the importance of an inclusive, culturally diverse, child-centred, enquiry-driven education that not only prepares young people for university and life beyond but that ensures young people actually enjoy their youth too.

With a new internationally-minded and experienced school principal, RISS is at an exciting time in its life, with a compelling new vision and a clear plan for where it is going and the changes it needs to implement to get there. 

Accredited by the Cambridge International Education Board and the International Baccalaureate Organisation, RISS students are well placed to go onto a variety of institutions of higher learning worldwide.  With English as the language of instruction, students are also encouraged to continue to study their own language and sit their own language examinations and, of course, study the Dutch language too.

Our Strategic Goal
To be an exceptional example of an international school.

Our Key Strategic Drivers

1. Leadership and Learning

1.1 - Ensure RISS develops a dynamic approach to leadership at all levels of the organisation, exposing them to high level professional  development and increasing shared approaches to decision making.

1.2 - Develop a lively, coherent and imaginative approach to teaching and learning across all parts of the school (teacher/student/leader). 

1.3 - Focus on ensuring resources, curriculum and leadership structures are not only fit for purpose but ensure that student leave well prepared for the next stage of their life.

1.4 - Develop systems and approaches within RISS to ensure that all learners are able to maximise their potential, regardless of any learning needs or disabilities.

2. Curriculum and Learning

2.1 - Focus on producing a curriculum which fits the needs of learners beyond 2020.

2.2 - Develop support packages to ensure pupils sitting exams feel supported, prepared and ready for the next stage of their life.

2.3 - Encourage a positive approach to curiosity, inquiry, action & reflection across all areas of the school.

2.4 - Encourage teachers to try and share new practice, action research and alternative approaches to teaching and learning.

3. Community, well-being and learning

3.1 - Focus on ensuring the new two-campus RISS is seen by all stakeholders as one coherent school.

3.2 - Foster existing links and develop new positive ones with a wide variety of community groups and organisations such as business, parents, press and charities.

3.3 - Foster the pastoral system to become an essential component of and conduit for the values system and ethos within the school.

3.4 - Develop the relationship with the local primary school to become positive, professional and vibrant, ensuring the learning journey from primary to secondary is interconnected, and as smooth as possible.

4. Professional development and learning

4.1 - Make professional development positive, engaging and in line with the school ethos, mission and values and based on collaboration and Joint Professional Development (JPD).  

4.2 - Develop an atmosphere of sharing and research-informed practice, where conversations on teaching and learning are the norm.

4.3 - Identify skill gaps within the staff and ensure training is provided, this may include pedagogical input, learning support or health & safety matters.

4.4 - Encourage staff to seek and engage with accredited training opportunities.

5. Organisation and learning

5.1 - Ensure the budget is used effectively and in line with the school ethos and values. The allocation of priorities being clearly laid out in the School Development Plan.

5.2 - Ensure the school’s new image, logo and ethos are evident in all aspects of RISS and quickly become visible in our actions and not just on paper.

5.3 - Approach all new building work within RISS as an opportunity to further embed the ethos and mission, seeking to promote engaging teaching and learning and to value staff and students.

5.4 - Develop positive and productive links across the global international school community .