At RISS, we strongly believe that Global Citizenship – or international mindedness – and Inter– cultural Learning is about growing our capacity to recognise that we are all part of one world. A world whose inhabitants are interconnected as one community with values, aspirations and faiths better served by focusing on our commonalities rather than our divisions.

As global members of a community, we understand that Global Citizenship and Intercultural Learning bring the challenge, uncertainty and complexities of our current world to our practice and provision for students. However, we feel ready, enthusiastic and committed to learn, plan and provide instructional opportunities that enhance student  wellbeing, inclusion and learning to withstand a fundamentally undefined future with hope.

As a culturally diverse community, we seek to relate, respect, take responsibility and have the courage to embrace all community members, whilst retaining a strong sense of self and pride in our cultures, languages and identity. RISS wants its students to be inclusive, work together, be involved and actively fight for the ideals that matter.

Global Citizenship is about us all and our planet. Our students will truly enjoy their youth and their future if this is achieved! As a CIS member and values led school, we develop Global Citizenship via our school values and are inspired by CIS key commitments to develop Global Citizenship. For more information, please see our High-Quality Learning and Teaching Policy. It will provide the full scope of our vision and mission.

"I feel incredibly blessed to be part of RISS and to be given the chance to bring my enthusiasm to this extremely warm and welcoming community."

Mr. Dessi' (teacher)

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