One of our strengths is the strong sense of community between staff, students and parents. At the foundation of our community lay our core values: relationships, courage, responsibility and respect. 

"I find that the community created amongst the students and the teachers is welcoming and I feel comfortable at the school." -

Mattis Escames (student)

"I feel incredibly blessed to be part of RISS and to be given the chance to bring my enthusiasm to this extremely warm and welcoming community."

Mr. Dessi' (teacher)

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Please find here the new concept of the RISSUE, a magazine with stories about our school created by students and staff.


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    "Even though I have not been a part of the RISS community for a long time, I do feel a sense of unity as the people are nice and welcoming." - Julie Cramwinckel (student)

    "I’ve never experienced such a warm and close community as RISS. I hope I can stay here to teach my wonderful language in this ‘gezellige’ community for a long time!" - Ms. Bestebreur (teacher)