One of our strengths is the strong sense of community between staff, students and parents. At the foundation of our community lay our core values: relationships, courage, responsibility and respect. 

"I find that the community created amongst the students and the teachers is welcoming and I feel comfortable at the school." - Mattis Escames (student)

"I feel incredibly blessed to be part of RISS and to be given the chance to bring my enthusiasm to this extremely warm and welcoming community." - Mr. Dessi' (teacher)

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Please find here the new concept of the RISSUE, a magazine with stories about our school created by students and staff.


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    "Even though I have not been a part of the RISS community for a long time, I do feel a sense of unity as the people are nice and welcoming." - Julie Cramwinckel (student)

    "I’ve never experienced such a warm and close community as RISS. I hope I can stay here to teach my wonderful language in this ‘gezellige’ community for a long time!" - Ms. Bestebreur (teacher)