The PTA organises wonderful events throughout the school year. Examples of annual events organised are the wine and cheese reception, the Festival of Light, the International Food Fair and the Sports Day Barbecue. Regular Parent Coffee Mornings are also held. These events and others provide a wonderful opportunity for students, teachers and parents to meet and talk in an informal atmosphere (and sample the cuisines of the world).

The school gives the PTA an annual budget to assist it in running its programmes and to fund the various activities. A very warm invitation is extended to all parents with the hope that they will participate in the Parent Teacher Association.  

If you are unable to come to our meetings, please keep an eye on the school's website for upcoming events and on the PTA page in particular. The PTA seeks to work with as many parents as possible to create an inclusive and supportive community for everyone.

PTA Meetings for Year 2020/2021

Next virtual PTA meeting to be held on Zoom: 26-04-2021 from 18:00 - 19:00.