Volunteer Groups

The PTA consists of many volunteers who run a variety of different groups for the RISS community:

Dutch Conversation Group

Language and culture is what builds communities and as Dutch speaking RISS parents we want to welcome everybody who is interested in practicing Dutch while learning more about the Dutch culture.

It is not a Dutch language course so your level of Dutch does not matter. Especially because there is a beginners and an advanced group. We talk about day to day subjects or problems you encounter with the Dutch languages in your daily life in the Netherlands. 

When: Once every two weeks on Wednesdays, starting October 3rd from 8:20 - 9:45
Where: Senior campus
Who: everybody who wants to practice their conversational skills of the Dutch language in an informal environment.
How: speaking, listening and reading in a foreign language familiarise you to comprehend day-to-day information. It’s also a great support to previous languages courses you may have taken.
Cost: Free
For more information or to sign up: risspta@wolfert.nl

Culture Group

A small but active RISS culture group has formed among PTA enthusiasts. Every month several RISS parents get together to explore not only Rotterdam but also typical Dutch cultural events. If you are new to the city or even when you have been here for a while but would like to discover new places, consider joining the RISS Culture Club for one of the outings!

Costs: you buy your own ticket to the event and the PTA will treat on coffee afterwards.
For more information or to sign up: risspta@wolfert.nl

English Conversation Group

As English is the community language at RISS International School we have been asked on many occasions if it was possible to set up an English Conversation Group for parents, as for many of us English is a second languages.

This group provides a venue in which you can practice your growing English skills with a native English-speaking parent in a casual environment. The purpose is to improve your English speaking skills and therefore feel more comfortable in interacting with the international community.

If you are interested you can sign up by sending an email to: risspta@wolfert.nl

Dates: Once in two weeks on Wednesday, starting on October 10th
Time: 8:20 - 9:45
Location: Senior Campus