Socializing has never been so important like in these unprecedented times when we all long for social contacts with people who understand us. The pandemic has very well highlighted the advantage of having the connection and the support of each other.

Parenting is a joy, but also challenges on its own and can be especially hard in the new environment. Since many of us have experienced these challenges some time or the other, we empathise with parents and provide a platform to connect easily with other parents. We find it very important to support RISS families by offering them a space to be heard, seen, and interact with like minded parents through hobbies of different kinds as well as meet ups based on same or similar interests. In that way we can get the best out of their parenting time and life in the Netherlands as well as contribute greatly in creating our inclusive and supportive community for everyone.

There is no greater predictor of human well-being than the amount of social time we spend with one another. - Tom Rath


Pottery, running club, walking tours, cycling, tennis, etc.

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