Ms. Duivenvoorden

I wanted to challenge myself, to experience what it is like to live and work in a country with a completely different culture and under very basic conditions.

Ms. Angelin Teixeira

I ask myself the questions: What can I do better to make physics more understandable, what can I do for the students to get the best out of them and surprise them with their own knowledge and capabilities?


RISS is a small but fast growing school with small classes and a tight knit community within a dynamic international city.

Mr. Moreno

My best experiences at the RISS so far were with students, being a witness of how much they can learn and improve with a little bit of help, which makes this job a very gratifying one.

Ms. Vartak-Mhatre

My biggest motivation comes from my students who make working at RISS so much fun. Our priority is to enable our students to recognise and develop their strengths and help them to become independent learners.