Student Leadership Programme

Guided by our school’s mission of “educating for self-awareness, curiosity, and integrity in a changing world,” we are embarking on a transformative journey that recognizes the importance of preparing students to thrive as responsible global citizens. Through these collaborative efforts, we developed a new Student Leadership Programme that aligns with our core values of courage, responsibility, relationships, and respect.

Student Leadership Team (StuLT) 

Aims and objectives

The student leadership team is a group of students whose main goal is to help foster a sense of community and belonging among RISS students and provide a structured approach to addressing student needs and concerns through leadership. By having a StuLT, students can have a voice in RISS decision-making and can provide feedback on various initiatives and events. This can lead to a more student-centred approach to school management.

The Student Leadership Team structure


The student leadership team consists of nine members including: 

  • The President of the Student Leadership Team is responsible for administering and upholding the Student Charter, attending all official meetings and events, presiding over meetings, collating campus issues and community service projects, being the liaison between the student body and the leadership team and motivating student participation in cultural activities. 
  • The Vice President of the Student Leadership Team is prepared to assume the President’s responsibilities in case of absence or illness, ensuring the continuity of leadership. At RISS we have two Vice presidents; one per campus. They are the main point of contact for the section representatives and their main role is ensuring that important information and updates are communicated effectively to the student body. 
  • The Section Representative holds an important role and a set of responsibilities within their designated section. They serve as a liaison between the student body and the student leadership team, representing the interests and concerns of their section. 
  • The Communications Officer holds the responsibility of managing and coordinating all communication efforts. They are in charge of maintaining effective communication channels within the StuLT and with the student body. 
  • The Secretary of the Student Leadership Team is responsible for attending all meetings and events, preparing and distributing meeting agendas, recording and compiling minutes, maintaining meeting and event records, managing a directory of officers and members, and taking attendance at organisation meetings. 
  • The Treasurer of the Student Leadership Team is responsible for maintaining appropriate financial records and providing weekly reports at the meetings. They handle the deposit of all credit generated from StuLT events with the Wolfert finance department. 

Due to the academic responsibilities of the IGCSE and IB programme, Grade 10 and 12 students will not form part of the student leadership team in the 2023/20204 school year. However, during their first two terms of the school year there will be additional leadership opportunities that they can take part in.

For more information about the RISS Student Leadership program, please check the RISS Handbook (pages 80-85)

Student Leadership & Community Coordinators: Ms. Moraal and Mr. Moreno

Student Leadership contact email: