House System

The purpose of a house system is to foster a sense of competition in the school and give more purpose to events such as sports days and quizzes. Houses help to foster a sense of collective responsibility and make students feel there is a body to whom they feel loyal, and to foster a more disciplined environment in the school through peer pressure.

House Allocation

All students are randomly allocated to a house, and stay in this house throughout their years at the RISS. Each student receives a T-shirt representing their house which they are required to wear during House Events.

House Structure and Organisation

  • Each house has a staff member who functions as house mentor.

  • Each house has a student House Captain and House Vice-Captain. These are 11th grade students that their house elects. There is also a Junior House Captain. This is a 9th grade student elected to support the student house captain and vice-captain.

  • Each house holds a general meeting at the beginning of the school year to select the student leaders in each house. The appointment is for one year.

  • Epraise is the system used in school to award House points.