One School One Book

Last year, we launched a school-wide initiative called: One School, One Book. The idea is simple: everyone in the school community, from grade 6-12, including teachers and staff, and hopefully some parents as well, will read the same book. This year we have chosen Green Rising, written by Lauren James.

Reading this book together will help unite all the different parts of our community on our educational journeys. All staff and students will read and engage with ideas from the book through different disciplines, ranging from Science, Art and Math to English, Humanities and Business. Reading one book as a school is also a way of invigorating our commitment to literacy as an educational community.

It is especially timely that this week we celebrate UNESCO’s International Literacy Day, which is focused on transforming literacy learning spaces, including the classroom, the living room, and even the virtual world. According to UNESCO, despite the progress in global literacy, 771 million people worldwide still lack basic literacy skills. Achieving global literacy is key to other important goals such as eradicating poverty and securing human rights.

There is absolutely something in this book for everyone.

Reading aloud is one of the best ways to encourage literacy at home, whether it is reading together at bedtime, or letting siblings read aloud to each other. Reading our favourite parts to each other is a wonderful way to connect. We all love being read to, no matter what age we are.