Outdoor Education

We are always looking for innovative and exciting opportunities we can add to our extracurricular program at RISS in the hope of providing students with adventures that they will never forget. 

We are excited to introduce our new Outdoor Education program to our schools planning for the 2018/19 school year. The program is designed to give students the chance to learn how to survive in nature by teaching them with vital practical skills such as map reading, using coordinates, making a fire, shelter construction and plant and seed recognition.  More importantly, students will learn how to deal with challenging and evolving situations that will serve to promote values such as responsibility, respect and courage. 

The outdoor program provides unique opportunities for students to utilise a wide range of skills and capabilities that are not always visible in the classroom. Through participation in the program, students will become aware of such capabilities and how they can fundamentally change personal, peer and school perceptions and lead to profound changes in life expectations and sever as the foundation for future personal experiences after school life.