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Careers and University Info

Career and University Choice Programmes

Up to and including grade 9, the tutors provide careers information to the students in their tutor groups.

The programme includes talking about possible future options for their education and job opportunities. The information provided by the tutors and to some extent their subject teachers will help inform the students of their choices for IGCSE in grade 8.

Grade 8 Working on the Chocolate Challenge – Experiencing working in teams taking on business roles to produce a product.

The Grade 8 will also begin this year to participate in a Futurewise programme, career investigator.

Most of our students do go on to Higher education of some form at University or college so obviously that is where our focus is set.

In grade 10 all students participate in Futurewise, a psychometric profile and report which gives significant insight into students likes and dislikes and natural abilities and interests.

This is administered by the The Inspiring Futures Foundation team in the UK but covers world wide options. More information on this can be found at http://www.myfuturewise.org.uk/ Students are provided with many resources on their site once they have participated in the psychometric profile.

Along with other information presented by the grade 10 tutors, this gives a complete overview of student’s future options along with careers advice online and by phone and information from Futurewise, free, until they are aged 23!

Finally, in grades 11 and 12, we present students with options for Higher Education, such as BridgeU, including a full programme preparing them for university applications all over the world.

Futurewise and ISCO the organisation behind Futurewise also contribute to this.

Information about International University Courses can be found on this section of our site. Also the processes for application to University in the UK.

Applying to UK Universities via UCAS:

If you want to apply to a UK University you MUST apply via the UCAS website. This site gives information about courses you can follow and how to Apply for a UK university course. Just follow the instructions on the site. Once you have started an application then your tutor will tell you what else you need to do in order to obtain a reference from the school.

All UK Universities are part of this site, you cannot apply to a UK university directly.

So sign up to the UCAS web site by following this link: www.ucas.com

Deadlines for UK Universities: If you are looking for courses for doctors or dentists then you must have the finished applications to UCAS by mid October of the year BEFORE you want to start the course. For all other courses then you must have you application sent to UCAS online by mid January of the year you want to start the course. For exact dates check out the UCAS web site.

For university courses for doctors and dentists, it might also be necessary for you to take a test called the UKCAT test. Check out this site to see what is involved and where it can be taken in the Netherlands. www.ukcat.ac.uk

Additionally some courses require other testing, for example, many of the courses at Oxford.

Remember that these tests needs to be completed by the September of the year before you want to apply – so get it booked early!

Applying to Dutch Universities:

There is a central web site for Dutch universities too. Apply via www.studielink.nl. There is information on this site in Dutch, English and German. Remember that there are lots of courses in the Netherlands that you can follow in English as the language of instruction all over the Netherlands.

Make sure that you follow the instructions carefully and that you get things done well before the deadline dates.


It is important for you to talk to the member of staff that you want to use as a reference! Approach the member of staff early and ask if they are willing to be a referee for you. It takes time to write a reference, so do not leave it until the last moment.

Universities in the rest of the world:

Remember that you are in a unique position of being able to apply for university courses all over the world and that most universities offer courses in English as the language of instruction as well as other languages. You might like to consider a university in your home country or elsewhere.

Here are some links which might help you find a perfect course for you. Remember that the UCAS website above might also be useful for you search for course titles or subjects which you might find exciting!

Good luck with your search and application. Remember to talk to your tutor or teachers soon for a reference!

Useful Starting Points:

Careers Information and Help: http://icould.com

Worldwide University List: http://univ.cc/world.php

More Information on Worldwide Universities: http://www.braintrack.com/

Dutch Schools: http://www.keuzegids.org

For courses in the Netherlands in English, try this web site: http://www.studyinholland.co.uk/index.html

For courses in English, in the Netherlands and Europe then try this web site: http://www.bachelorsportal.eu/

Grants and Scholarships:

Of course for the UK: www.ucas.co.uk

If you would like to have any other information displayed here or if you would like to contact the school’s University Admissions Officer at the RISS, please email, Dave Green at dgr@wolfert.nl.