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Students and their families are the heart and soul of the RISS. We would like to share with you the day to day activities of our School.

RISS students are generally aged between 11 and 19 years.

The RISS is an affiliate of the Wolfert van Borselen School Group and offers students the opportunity to study in English while experiencing Dutch culture and language which provides an environment where students can become truly exceptional individuals. The school has state of the art science labs and theatre.

The school has a dedicated EAL program providing specialised training in language skills development.

The RISS takes pride in emphasizing the importance of internationalism not only in the diploma programmes we offer, but also in the day to day lives of our students.

All students learn Dutch and have the opportunity to study French and Spanish during the Foundation years. Once the students are in the IGCSE programme they continue with their Dutch studies and very often sit the IGCSE examination for their own languages!

It is a cornerstone of the RISS’ education policy to encourage students to sit their own language examinations and we’re extremely proud of our exceptional results in this area.

  • The IGCSE Programme includes ESL (English as a Second Language) to encourage our EAL students to continue to develop their English language skills and, where viable, sit their own language exam for their certificate programme. Presently we have students taking ESL and also their own language examination.
  • At the IB Diploma level, we have introduced the English ‘B’ course so EAL students may study their own language as their ‘A’ language and study English as their ‘B’ language. This provides the students with an excellent opportunity to not only receive an IB Bilingual Diploma (thus acknowledging their own language skills), but also enables them to maximize their overall results.

Over the past few years, studying Dutch at RISS has enabled a large proportion of our students to go on to universities and institutions of higher learning in the Netherlands! In other words, we are producing truly international students.

Our students study in English, learn the host nation’s language (Dutch), continue to develop their own language skills and ultimately receive bilingual IB Diplomas in English and their own language and/or Dutch as well! This is what we are so proud of at our school … developing a student to meet the rigours of life in the twenty-first century!

We take pride in the fact that we work with the wider Rotterdam community to promote internationalism through a variety of activities within the world which is the RISS!