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Learning Support and EAL Specialists Workshop

Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to announce that on Friday, December 13th, Rotterdam International Secondary School will host the First National Workshop for Learning Support and EAL Specialists working at Dutch International Schools. We hope that this will be an event where colleagues from around the country will get together to discuss Learning and EAL support challenges and procedures, exchange knowledge and learn from each other. Each school will get an opportunity to present their working model, testing procedures, and cost expenditures, explanations of what works and what does not work in your specific working environment.

Please, consider the following topics for your presentations and discussions sessions:

  • Differentiation support, i.e. working with teachers to assist in their instructional differentiation for Learning Support students and EAL students
  • From International Primary to Secondary to IB, the continuity of support systems in our schools
  • Inclusion vs. pull-out program for EAL.  What works best in your schools?
  • Learning Support and EAL: working together but separately?
  • Universal Testing as a basis for differentiation for both Learning Support and EAL student populations
  • Multidiscipline Support Team, Learning Support and/or EAL teams: the structures in place

The program will include group discussions, presentations, specific interest group meetings (e.g. Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, EAL) culminating in an afternoon social hour and lunch.

More detailed information about the venue (RISS), programme, logistics and RSVP will be posted here on the 28th of October following a fall break.

Contact Stella de Bode, Learning Support Leader, or Lynn Libert, EAL Leader, for more information.