Our Grade 11 IB CP students recently participated in a highly beneficial unit on Effective Communication as part of the IB Career-Related Programme. Students developed essential communication skills through engaging activities and real-life scenarios, leaving the unit feeling more confident in communicating effectively.

Our Grade 10 and 12 students begin their IGCSE and IBDP examinations. These examinations are a celebration of learning in Grades 9-10 and Grades 11-12, but also the foundation that has been laid from their previous schooling. We wish our students all the very best. We believe in them and know that they can achieve their potential.

On Monday the 22nd of August we are welcoming over 100 new students to our community! We are very excited to meet all the new students. On Tuesday the 23rd, all returning students will also be coming back to school.

Almost every month, ACCESS organises a morning information session to recruit new volunteers. This is an important event for us and for those who want to become volunteers. During this meeting, we give an informative presentation on ACCESS, its organisational structure and our volunteers. 

RISS and ACCESS have successfully partnered over the years. Teams of international volunteers help the international community in the Netherlands by answering questions about moving to, settling and living in the Netherlands.