Please find the most up to date calendar of the current academic year 2020-2021 here.

The DELF diploma is a world-recognized distinction of your child’s efforts and provides them the opportunity to showcase their hard work in the subject. While we strongly encourage every Grade 8 student taking French language to participate, it is not compulsory

Technology and digital platforms are part of our youths’ everyday lives. It is important to us at RISS that our students are able to navigate themselves safely, responsibly, and ethically through platforms that they are exposed to daily.

We had a successful start of the year with a new induction week programme that enabled teachers and students to reconnect and build up a working relationship for the year ahead, namely, a more relaxed, joyful atmosphere with the confidence that we are all in this together.

Human Rights Defender

On Friday 4th September, RISS welcomed three visitors who spoke to Grade 12 about human rights, in particular about the current crisis in Venezuela.

We acknowledge that the Corona pandemic has severely impacted our Grade 12 students, not only affecting their goodbye to the school and each other, but also the possibility to write a final exam and obtain grades that reflect the breadth and depth of their knowledge. The IB’s reverse of their first decision has addressed many, though not all of our initial concerns and the opaque ways the IB has used to calculate the grades. We are grateful that they were so responsive in addressing our concerns.