We are school that is now fully discovering its identity and purpose as a true international school and we are committed to being a high-quality provider of education that is academically successful, values driven and genuinely internationally minded with both staff and students from over 30 different countries… and counting. 

The Festival of Light (FOL), the annual school show, is as old as our school and was so named as it is intended to reflect the light of our school i.e. the talent of our students. Students who would like to sing, dance, or play an instrument are given the opportunity to audition and win the right to perform in the show.

A couple weeks ago we had an excellent turnout for the Leiden University presentation to the grade 10-12 students. The students from Leiden University spoke about stress, burnout, preparing for exams, organisation and how to manage your to-do list. In total, 48 RISS students stayed after tutorial that day to listen to this presentation.

At the junior campus the
Student Council and the PTA have taken on the challenge of giving the roof terrace a much
needed makeover, and there are many special moments planned before the winterbreak. Check this post for more information!

A team from CIS/NEASC will come to RISS for its five year review. This is a normal event, part and parcel of international school life, and we are looking forward to this evaluative process. CIS / NEASC are important organisations in the life of any international school and their overall seal of approval is sought by all highly-regarded international schools.