On Monday the 22nd of August we are welcoming over 100 new students to our community! We are very excited to meet all the new students. On Tuesday the 23rd, all returning students will also be coming back to school.

Almost every month, ACCESS organises a morning information session to recruit new volunteers. This is an important event for us and for those who want to become volunteers. During this meeting, we give an informative presentation on ACCESS, its organisational structure and our volunteers. 

RISS and ACCESS have successfully partnered over the years. Teams of international volunteers help the international community in the Netherlands by answering questions about moving to, settling and living in the Netherlands.

The event's goal is to socialize and get to know the environment where our children are being educated. The importance of both of these components is heightened because of the pandemic, during which an extraordinary number of parents have not been able to set foot inside the school building.

IB Theatre students at RISS are going to have the opportunity to take part in the International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) TaPS. This online experience engages the students with the philosophy of the DP Theatre course and its assessment tasks through practical, interactive workshops and masterclasses.

It is yet again time for another edition of the RISSUE. Over the past few months, the editorial board has worked hard at creating this edition which celebrates how the RISS community grew and prospered, even through these difficult times.