In the new edition of the XPat Journal, you can find a two-page article regarding RISS and we like to share it with you. In conversation with our Principal Mónica Gilbert-Saéz, the article tells about our mission statement and how we implement it within our school and through our community, the reaccreditation by the CIS and NEASC and how the school is a reflection of the city of Rotterdam. We invite you all to read and share it. 

On Saturday the 16th of February, RISS hosted the NGO Debate for Peace around whose visit we built a one-day Model United Nations experience, which we called the Debate for Peace/RISS Summit.

RISS had a very successful week last week! Grade 9 students won both 1st and 2nd place in the first interscholastic debating tournament against the Wolfert Bilingual department last Thursday.

Our teacher of Chinese shares the following:
"It was our first small Chinese culture trip to visit China Town in Rotterdam. Everybody was very excited and tried to have conversations in Chinese with the people there."

We will be celebrating the annual RISS International Language Day on the 21st of February. During this even we will be honouring RISS' language and cultural diversity.