Online Learning

Our school follows national and regional guidelines in regards to the COVID-19 virus. A press conference from the government on the 2nd of February will give us more clarity about when we can open our school again for students.

The Leadership Team of Rotterdam International Secondary School has re-examined the government announcement carefully, and consulted with significant stakeholders within and outside the school, so that any undertakings are in accordance with how the school must proceed.
RISS will operate a hybrid emergency timetable for the next three to four weeks. The school will return to online a/synchronous delivery for all grades as from Monday, January 18th. The exception will be Grade 12, practical exam groups in Grade 10 and vulnerable students (see below).

Grade 12

The above strategy, for Grade 12, requires a different timetable that minimises the risks and constraints related to safe transport for all involved, adequate staffing, 1.5m distancing, contractual entitlement, health and safety, and compliance with government requirements. Therefore, we will operate a hybrid emergency timetable that brings Grade 12 students to school, as from Monday 18th January, for periods 2, 3 and 4, and under the health and safety conditions expected. Not all of their lessons will be face-to-face—hence hybrid—with the remainder of their subject-hour entitlement done asynchronously, i.e., work set by teachers and completed by students in their own time, with no teacher input unless the teacher deems it necessary and/or the student requests to contact his/her teacher for further support.

Grade 10

Grade 10 students will be taught online. However, students who take those subjects that require practical supervised coursework will be able to come to the JC for some of their lessons, in order to ensure that exam quality and
integrity are maintained. The rota will be delivered by our Head of Middle Years, Ms Ward, in consultation with the subject areas. Ms Ward will inform students as to when they need to be on campus, for which subjects. Subjects under this category include, but are not limited to: Art & Design, Drama and IGPE. Student presence is compulsory as per the stated government

Vulnerable students

The school is also required to create space for vulnerable students, whose parents are key workers. This also applies to students who are continuously absent for their online lessons; the school is bringing them to our premises to provide a consistent support for their education. This is also the case where students have problems with connectivity (poor wifi, no web/camera, or mic, etc); within the school we provide these resources, plus a healthy and safe
space for them to access their lessons.

During the time of school closure we will continue education to our students using our a/synchronous and remote teaching approach. For more information, check our Digital Learning page.

Important Information

Information for students and parents about how we continue to offer asynchronous education.
The latest information about the situation and the impact it has on our community.
Our admissions department continuously supports prospective families choosing RISS.

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IBDP: Ms. Du Plessis
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