Online Learning

Starting on the 2nd of March 2021, we will open our school doors again for a hybrid approach.

A reminder that the principle under which we reopen RISS is working with high levels of hygiene and social (physical) distance of 1.5 metres (or two arms apart). The latter is compulsory for everyone, including students.

1. All lessons will remain asynchronous and online. Teachers will work with students face to face on the content shared online when in school during the rest of the term. 
2. As from March 2nd 2021, we will bring 50% of the student population to school with the other half at home.

  • Students will alternate each day from being in school to being at home, on a two-week cycle. 
  • A key concept in the students’ magister schedules is STAH (Stay at Home). This means that on that day students will remain at home for their lessons. 
  • The principle of asynchronous provision continues. So students in school and students at home receive the same provision. 
  • Teachers will work within a peripatetic approach when in school if needed, especially if a subject teacher colleague is absent. 
  • We will make a special provision and space for students who feel worried when at school. If this is the case the students should inform a member of staff to ensure the students are given counselling and space. 
  • All information will be shared via Magister which will be used so that students will know when to come to school. Remember STAH.

3. Students must arrive at the times indicated in their schedule. Students should not arrive any earlier. We will not allow students into the school premises to wait for their lessons. 
4. When lessons finish, students remain in the same classroom. Those who have finished will leave the school premises with immediate effect and follow the exit plans.
5. Those who remain will stay in the classroom. They will need to check if they remain there or need to move. A member of staff will indicate to them when to move to the next classroom if it is needed.
6. Mask protections are compulsory. All students must wear a mask in the building
7. Masks need careful planning. Remember that germs will sit on the outside of the mask and students need to avoid touching it. If it is a disposable item, students should please dispose of it at home, not in school. Above all, the  use of a mask is not a fashion item.
8. Students must come prepared with a laptop/iPad of their own, their own school exercise book and pens. NO SHARING. If there is a problem with access to technology, inform our Heads of Section / Deputy Principal for support. Their devices should be fully charged and ready to go. 
9. No external visitors are allowed in the school premises. This applies to parents.  

Additional Hygiene Information

Information for students and parents about how we continue to offer asynchronous education.
The latest information about the situation and the impact it has on our community.
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