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Starting on the 7th of June 2021, we will open our school doors again for a full return. A reminder that the principle under which we reopen RISS is with high levels of hygiene, home testing provision (the school will provide this for students during tutorials), compulsory wearing of masks and restricted social mobility during breaks.

1. As from June 7th , all students are expected to be back to school. All lessons will be synchronous and in school. However, materials will be shared online for students when they are absent as was the case before the pandemic. Please note the section on attendance below on page 5.

  • Parents are welcome to contact our Heads of Section and Deputy Principal for specific inquiries.
  • We will make a special provision and space for students who feel worried when at school. If this is the case, the students should inform a member of staff to ensure they are given counselling and space.

2. Teachers will take the register first thing in each lesson to comply with attendance regulations.
3. Students must arrive on time for school and for their individual lessons and leave the school premises promptly when they finish.
4. When lessons finish, students will need to follow the circulation signals to ensure we are able to control movement.
5. During break times, student movement will be restricted. They will need to remain seated. If they need to purchase food, the canteen will be open, but students will need to sit down promptly afterwards.

  • There will be plenty of tables and chairs available around the building to this effect.
  • They will be allowed to use classrooms.
  • Key advice here to parents is to ensure that students bring their own food, as this will effectively reduce the risk of infection.

6. Face protections are compulsory.

  • All students must wear a mask in the building. This is non-negotiable.
  • Masks need careful planning. Remember that germs will sit on the outside of the mask and students need to avoid touching it.
  • If it is a disposable item, students should please dispose of it at home, not in school. Please also note that the use of a mask is not a fashion statement and its content cannot be offensive. Masks should be fresh each day.

7. The area close to the staffroom will not be for students. Students wishing to play at the back of the building will need to exit and go around and must remember to clean their hands when returning.
8. Students must come prepared with a laptop/iPad of their own, their own school exercise book and pens. NO SHARING. Their devices should be fully charged and ready to go. If students do not have a device, please contact our heads of section for help.
9. No external visitors are allowed in the school premises. This also applies to parents who should make contact via the normal channels if they need to speak to a member of staff.


1. Students should follow the access routes as signposted in the building.
2. Students on bikes will park in the usual place in the JC/SC, but walk to the front main entrance to access the building. This is also non-negotiable.
3. 1.5 metres does not apply to students, however the distance adherence is still required between students and staff. It is also important to be considerate as some students may request that this is respected in their specific cases. I hope we can all be obliging in such circumstances.

Additional Hygiene Information

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