Privacy Statement

Our Privacy Principles

Our school, RISS, is part of Wolfert Van Borselen School Group and as such we adhere to the GDPR Privacy Policy directives set by them. In turn Wolfert Van Borselen School Group belongs to the conglomerate of schools under the umbrella of Stichting BOOR to which Wolfert adheres and complies. 

Rotterdam International Secondary School considers it important to highlight to prospective parents and the current school community our key principles of action to protect your privacy and that of our students. These actions are guided by our school vision, mission and core values of respect, responsibility, relationship and courage. Therefore:

  • We take responsibility for the information we hold and we are committed to ensure it is handled securely and privately.
  • We will only ask for or collect information we need to provide the quality of education expected and with adherence to the law.
  • We give parents/guardians control over the personal information we hold about students to ensure it is accurate and reflects your preferences.
  • We make sure that the students’ personal information is safe and protected.
  • We only ever use any personal information for educational purpose and linked to our school as an educational institution.
  • We will inform you if there are important changes that affect your personal information or how we use it.
  • We will share information with third parties as long as they have signed a contract that stipulates the nature of their job with us, e.g., photographer.
  • We will only work with individuals and organisations that are GDPR compliant.
  • We only keep information for as long as it is needed. The actual period will vary depending on the type of personal information and how it is used, for example the information of alumni will be kept for five years after leaving to ensure hard copies of their certificates and transcripts are available on request.
  • We will review and update our privacy policy at least once a year and will notify you of any changes.
  • Contact us at for any information related to GDPR and RISS.

How do we use your information?

We use the personal information shared by you with us in the following ways:

  • To respond to your queries and requests;
  • To communicate with you;
  • To provide information relevant to our students;
  • For surveys to enable us to identify where improvements can be made and to allow us to improve;
  • To provide information to you about any changes and updates related to the school and any other matters which we may need to tell you;
  • To provide you with essential school updates and events.