Academic Programmes

The RISS is excited to announce the curriculum leaders who will be responsible for assisting the leadership team in implementing our new vision, mission and core values as well as delivering our strategic plan within a curriculum department across all grade levels.

Language, Culture & Heritage

The language department is excited about the coming school year 2018/2019.  Not only are we committed to teaching your son or daughter the thrilling aspect of learning a new language (and in some cases, improving their heritage language), we are committed to making their learning experience fun, inviting and authentic. Students will also be exposed to learning new cultures through interaction with their International schoolmates and teachers. Students will be given the chance to showcase their heritage languages during International Language Day in February and using their new-found language skills during Language Village in May.  Our curriculum is based on inquiry-based learning (peaking a child’s natural curiosity), fun and with students’ individual needs being taken into consideration.  We offer the following language choices, EAL (English as Another Language), Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Chinese.  We have a large staff that are highly qualified and are more than excited to see your son and/or daughter become the inner-linguists that they are. Welcome to our school.

English Language, Literature & Society

Every day, people all over the world use language to communicate. They have conversations, study, write messages and follow the news. In the Curriculum Area of English Language, Literature and Society, we try to find, define and explore our place in the world so we can maintain successful relationships with many different people and take responsibility for our actions. We do this by reading, writing, listening and speaking in order to think, express ourselves, reflect and be creative. We analyse a variety of texts from different times and different places, and we respond in thoughtful, respectful, courageous and creative ways. In this way, we learn about our similarities and differences, and we develop the skills to communicate effectively. Since students at RISS are from many different language areas and cultural backgrounds, world literature and multilingualism are at the core of what we do. The English Department is excited about building on and developing connections with other subjects through collaboration with our colleagues from the other Curriculum Areas.

Humanities & Learning Technology

With the new appointment of curriculum leaders at RISS, the entire school is facing a new chapter of exciting changes ahead.  The Humanities & Learning Technology team are excited to build upon strong academic results, while developing a robust cross-curricular approach, inevitably leading to more crossover between the departmental subjects.   Offering more ‘humanities-based’ excursions is something many on our team have expressed interest in with regards to the local area.

The Humanities and Learning Technology department will hone in on the expertise both the departmental staff and the students have to offer.  There will be a rejuvenated approach through letting students take more control of their own learning, while having more interdisciplinary connections being fleshed out in order to see the various links and junctions between the humanities subjects.  In the Humanities and Learning Technology department, it is a priority to back up our school’s mission statement when we say: ‘Our mission is for every student to enjoy their youth.’ 


When I say that I teach mathematics, very often people’s reactions are: ‘I’m bad at maths’ or ‘Maths was my least favourite subject’ … I’m sure that colleagues in my team have similar experience. We would like to change this! My team and I want our students to discover a love for mathematics and explore how much fun it can be!

In September 2018 we will start a new chapter in teaching and learning mathematics at RISS. We will be implementing a concept-based approach, which will help all our students understand that mathematics is not just numbers, formulas and equations, but a crucially important part of their everyday lives.


The academic year of 2018 - 2019 will be an exciting and challenging  one for the RISS Science Faculty. We welcome new staff including a new curriculum leader, Ylva Muilwijk. Two new laboratories, Prep and science storage rooms are being built in the Senior Campus for the  teaching of  IB Sciences. These will be well equipped, with a considerable amount of new equipment and resources, and will be ready to use from January 2019. Cambridge  IGCSE Coordinated Science (Double Award) is being introduced in Grade 9. All students will be studying the three sciences, ensuring a balanced science education and with sufficient scientific knowledge to be able to select any of the science subjects offered in the  IB Diploma. Foundation years Science will be having more emphasis on the teaching of science skills through practical engagement and the Science Fair  will continue. Our aim is not only  for students to enjoy the learning of science, but also to be aware of the importance of science in today’s society.

Sport Science

At RISS we firmly believe that Physical Education plays both an active and meaningful role in inspiring our students in their pursuit of learning. Our curriculum is designed to provide our students with opportunities that will help to serve them both during their time at school and in their lives after.
We provide our students with a diverse curriculum so that students can engage with physical education in a way that will benefit them. We provide the students with both competitive and non-competitive situations while offering programs such as IGCSE Physical Education that promotes the knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology while also celebrating the individuals talent in the practical components. Sport and exercise play a significant role in the development of a child mainly in part due to the benefits of exercise and healthy eating but it also the other areas such as the promotion of values that are just as important. Values are an integral part of our community as they are the building blocks that we use to nourish the development of curriculum programs that help to guide our school's vision of educating for self-awareness, curiosity and integrity in a changing world. 

The Arts

The visual and performing arts curriculum area lends itself to offering students a platform to develop and express themselves artistically on many levels. Research has shown the growing importance of creativity for the development of 21st century skills; the ability to innovate, problem solve, collaborate and express ideas visually is becoming increasingly more important in our fast changing world, where visual art, drama and music are all tools to express one’s feelings and share them with the people around them.

Through our skills based Drama programme we aim to teach our students to not only make and present Drama but also to appreciate and appraise it. Drama offers students an opportunity to discover the nature of this art form and the realisation that they are creative beings who can use this form to explore issues and emotions. It also offers them the ability to analyse and interact in ways which benefit them in all areas of school and beyond.

The Music department has developed an important role in the past few years among the school, bringing to the students a full scope of music education: creating (composing), performing and improvising. Students actively learn music through singing, playing an instrument and using new technologies in a group. They develop their intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligences according to our core values, balancing the joy of making music with the respect and self-discipline that are carried with it. For those students who want to take a further step in music, the music department prepare them and support them to take part of outside competitions and examinations like AMIS or ABRSM.