RISS Rose Programme

In line with our vision of educating for self-awareness, curiosity and integrity in a changing world, we are thrilled to continue offering this programme for grade 6 through 8 students this academic year.

The RISS Rose Programme (RRP) is inspired by England’s 2009 Rose Report and will be the first step towards building an interdisciplinary, all-encompassing and meaningful offer for all our Foundation students. It is a brand-new and innovative project that will foster children’s “natural appetite and zest for learning” (Rose). In line with our mission of ensuring every child enjoys their childhood, we want to deliver a provision that will “inspire learning and develop the essential [transferable] knowledge, skills and understanding which are the building blocks for (...) later life” (Rose).

Inspire learning and develop the essential transferable knowledge, skills and understanding which are the building blocks for later life.- Jim Rose

The symbol we will use is a rose, both to acknowledge the inspiration of Sir Jim Rose CBE, whose original report has informed this project, but also to represent the brightness, beauty and strength that all children show when they are given the care and support to ‘blossom’ fully. Embarking on this unique programme is possible thanks to the strong collaboration, creativity and resourcefulness of our staff. 

Teaching and Learning

Our instructional approach here is inquiry driven, rooted in the development of conceptual understanding and will be experiential in nature. It will be delivered as part of a normal student schedule and creatively and formally assessed to ensure student progress and achievement.


Assessment will take various forms including but not limited to teacher assessment, criterion-based assessment, project-based evaluations, self assessment, formal summative evaluations (with grades), oral/written feedback, personal reflections and recorded presentations.

One key aspect will be a performance exhibition at the end of Grade 6 and 7, in which students will exhibit their year’s worth of learning for the ICC. This has the intention to reflect much of the skills acquired within the cycles: photography, public speaking, gastronomy, environmental action or social justice.

The programme includes both a single subject strand and a series of interdisciplinary cycles.

Interdisciplinary Curriculum Cycles in Focus

RISS Rose has been created, designed and prepared by our own teachers, whose experience and expertise in the field of education has enabled us to produce a programme that is more responsive and meaningful to students learning and wellbeing. Find below the courses in more detail.

Single Subject Strand