IB Diploma Programme

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is an academic programme followed in the final two years of many international secondary schools throughout the world. It is recognised by governments and universities worldwide as a highly-esteemed qualification with which to enter institutions of higher learning or the world of work.

Candidates study a total of six subjects: three subjects at Higher Level and three at Standard Level.

All students must meet three additional requirements:

  • Follow the assessed Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course, which is at the heart of the IB programme.

  • Fulfil the requirements of Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS).  This is a programme of activities pursued outside the classroom.

  • Write an Extended Essay which is an independent piece of research led by the student. This allows students to demonstrate their research skills and knowledge in a specialised subject area.

IBDP candidates are expected to maintain a rigorous level of study which will enable them to successfully enter the institutions of higher learning they have chosen.

The diagram below will allow you to draw a potential subject package for students wishing to come to our school. However, they will be confirmed and approved once they have met with our school Deputy Principal or IB Programme Coordinator.

We need to emphasise that our subject offer will depend on student numbers opting for them and teacher availability.

As per IB Diploma Programme stipulations, students choose a total of six subjects, three at Higher level and three at Standard level.

Students choose one subject from each column from 1 to 6