IB Diploma Programme

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is an international academic programme followed in the final two years of school. This programme is recognised by governments and universities worldwide as a highly-esteemed qualification which allows entrance to all major institutes of higher education.

The international character of the established programme, and English character of the school, as well as the broad acceptance of the IBDP diploma in further education, makes this an popular option for all students. Research supports the benefits of the programme.

The strength of the IBDP is that is not only allows students to study a wide array of subjects, obtaining and excellent breadth and depth of subjects thus opening a myriad of possibilities in studies after school, but that the programme is formulated to encourage in its participants intercultural understanding,  critical thinking and the opportunity to engage in  academic questioning and research.

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The IB learner profile -  which aligns completely with our school mission statement - encourages students to become globally minded citizens and foster attributes to become responsible members of our local , global and national and global communities.

My son feels that he has good teachers in all his classes  - they appear to approach their classes with passion and a sense of humour. He is happy that he feels challenged and that his time at school is used well. There is good ambience as his friendships among peers are flourishing. Furthermore, the RISS somehow encourages the children in its care to lead balanced lives, to care about other individuals and to treat them with dignity and to care about their families. - Parent


All students must meet three additional requirements to obtain their IBDP diploma called the Core components:

  • Follow the assessed Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course, which is at the heart of the IB programme. TOK encourages students to question their own assumptions and critically evaluate knowledge. 

  • Fulfil the requirements of Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS).  This programme of activities is pursued outside the classroom, where students engage on an ongoing basis in activities serving their community and developing social, creative and interpersonal skills outside the academic arena.

  • Write an Extended Essay:  a 4000 word piece of independent academic research, led by the student and supported by a supervisor. This allows students to demonstrate their academic research and writing skills and knowledge in a specialised subject area.

Please see this research which expands on the value of the Core for IB students.

The teachers are very enthusiastic about learning and caring about students,  and it makes me like learning too.  - Student

IBDP candidates are expected to maintain a rigorous level of study which will enable them to successfully enter the institutions of higher learning they have chosen. Although it is an academically demanding programme, all students with a strong work ethic and the correct subject choice, can definitely succeed.

Subject Choices

Candidates study a total of six subjects: three subjects at Higher Level and three at Standard Level. 

The diagram below will allow you to draw a potential subject package for students wishing to come to our school, by selecting one subject from each tab. However, your subject selection will be confirmed and approved once you have met with our school Deputy Principal or IB Programme Coordinator.

We need to emphasise that our subject offer will depend on student numbers opting for them and teacher availability.