Pastoral Programme

Our Pastoral Programme is centred on supporting and exploring the social, emotional and physical well-being of our students. Our values of relationships, courage, respect and responsibility are the starting point and mainstay of our programme. Although our tutors are the primary delivers of the formal, pastoral programme, all teachers are knowledgeable of the framework and contribute to the consistent delivery throughout the school years.

The International Personal, Social, Emotional and Health Programme of Study from Wayfarer Education is used within tutor classes, and focuses on three learning areas, which are divided into strands. These areas are revisited every year as students progress up the school, supplying them with age-appropriate material:

Health and Wellbeing


Society and the Wider World Risk
Planning and Preparing for the Future Change

Within the tutor class the tutor mediates the curriculum first of all by building relationships within the class, and then through discussion, debate and projects. The pastoral programme also includes academic support through the delivery of study skills, organisation and planning to students and the support of group work dynamics. There is both horizontal and vertical alignment of the programme.

The tutor is the first point of contact with any pastoral concerns - which include attendance - and is supported by the Head of Section and the counsellor.

All teachers are trained in recognising areas child safety, (which includes bullying) and well-being via Educare, and we participate in a local Drug Prevention Programme from YOUZ. In the coming year, our special focus will be Social Media Awareness, which will be delivered through a series of workshops.