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The prospect of Higher Education (HE) can be an exciting one but also a little daunting. At RISS we aim to help students through this process and set them on the path for their chosen university studies.

We start early on in Grade 8, where we introduce students to the world of work with a fun, interactive training day called "The Chocolate Challenge".  The experience fosters an interest in students to explore the practice and roles of management within a company and students are encouraged to talk with parents and friends in industry, gaining an insight into the knowledge and skills needed in particular jobs. 

In grade 10 all students participate in Futurewise, around October time. This is a psychometric profile and report which gives significant insight into a student’s likes and dislikes and their natural abilities and interests. Each student has an individual interview with a fully trained Futurewise careers professional which adds further value to this formal experience. This profile, in addition to students' Post-Secondary Plan in Grade 11, initiates our formal HE work for the next two years.  In Grade 11, all students will meet individually with the RISS Higher Education team to draw up this formal Post-Secondary Plan, which will enable us to identify possible scenarios and HE needs for all students.

In addition, and in line with the above, our team will be organising visits to university fairs around The Hague and Amsterdam areas as well as inviting specific universities to come and talk to our students about their admissions. Formal sessions and guest speakers are also integral to our HE offer and topics such as writing personal statements and approaches to interview will be covered this year. We will also invite former RISS students to come and give feedback to our students on their application and university experiences. This will enable students to gain a valuable insight into specific demands and expectations of a whole range of courses.

Grade 12 is university application time and this is in the minds of students at the start of this, their last school year. Our Post-Secondary Plan and HE Counselling will support students applications with university requirements. Early application is key in most Higher Education institutions and the confidence boost to students in obtaining a university offer at this time cannot be understated, especially before their January Mocks.

All in all, every student will have a clear path to follow and, whilst some students may divert from this, they will have the skills to be able to adapt and be flexible in their approach to Higher Education, wherever it may take them.

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