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Welcome to RISS

Educating for self-awareness, curiosity and integrity in a changing world.


We strive to build strong and positive lifetime relationships.


We have the courage to do what is right and to grasp opportunities offered to us all.


We believe in respecting ourselves, others and our world.


We accept responsibility for our actions and the effect they have on those around us.

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The Festival of Light, commonly known as FOL, is the school show which has evolved into a concert for the Foundation Years and a talent show which is open to the whole school.

This past week, RISS students from 10th grade participated in another Erasmus+ module, this time in the central Denmark town of Ikast. RISS students joined others from Denmark, Cyprus, Italy and Germany.

This past weekend many RISS students, from grades 8-12 had the enormous pleasure of attending the biggest 2-day MUN conference ever hosted by our school. There were upwards of 100 students involved, including delegates from Belgium, the Hague and Lek en Linge in the Netherlands.

Grade 12 Physics Excursion Ionising Radiation Experiments
Debate Club
JC - Room 218
IB 11 & 12 Trip to Somme
all day
PTA Cheese and Wine Evening
all day
IB 11 & 12 Trip to Somme
all day
CPD Training - Inquire Based Learning - Trevor - All Staff Training - No School for Students
all day

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