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Educating for self-awareness, curiosity and integrity in a changing world.


We strive to build strong and positive lifetime relationships.


We have the courage to do what is right and to grasp opportunities offered to us all.


We believe in respecting ourselves, others and our world.


We accept responsibility for our actions and the effect they have on those around us.

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Please find the most up to date calendar of the current academic year 2020-2021 here.

The DELF diploma is a world-recognized distinction of your child’s efforts and provides them the opportunity to showcase their hard work in the subject. While we strongly encourage every Grade 8 student taking French language to participate, it is not compulsory

Technology and digital platforms are part of our youths’ everyday lives. It is important to us at RISS that our students are able to navigate themselves safely, responsibly, and ethically through platforms that they are exposed to daily.

Period 7 Lessons cancelled today. Students finish at 13.40. This is to facilitate Teacher & Parents Conference.
Term 1 Parent/Student/Teacher Meeting
Term 1 Parent/Student/Teacher Meeting
Internal Deadline for Universities Applications January 15
all day
Festival of Light: Dress Rehearsal
Period 7 Lessons Cancelled in Both Campuses

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